Hi, My name is Kelly Sato

And Welcome to the Autoimmune Survival Kit

I was like many people these days... sick and tired of being sick and tired! Challenging health issues were keeping me from fully participating in life. I suffered from weight gain, falling hair, troubling digestion, fatigue, and dramatic blood sugar fluctuations among other things. I even passed out 6 or 7 times over a two year period. Over the years I sought the advice of doctor after doctor, giving each my ever- expanding list of symptoms only to be brushed off, ignored, or told they weren’t really a big deal! 

I finally met a doctor who agreed to test my thyroid. I was surprised to learn my TSH level was normal. I had expected a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. This result was very disappointing, as I still didn’t know what was wrong and I had really hoped I would finally have an answer and therefore a game plan.

So, I decided to take charge of my own health and not rely solely on doctors anymore. First, I went home and studied about the thyroid. I learned that TSH levels can fluctuate and that the results can vary, depending on when the blood sample is given. Next, I consulted a naturopathic doctor and told him exactly what blood work I wanted to be done. The results revealed that not only did I have hypothyroidism, but that it had worsened.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder! 

I was livid as I thought about all the wasted years during which I had not been taken seriously. If the first doctor had actually listened to me, I wouldn't have descended to this debilitating level of health!

During my research, there was ALWAYS some new supplement, diet, or protocol to follow that was sure to fix everything! Nothing worked. Some would help a little, some would even seem to help but only for a short time, and then everything was back to the same. My life tended to revolve around managing my health. 

But through this process, I started making changes in my lifestyle. Understanding how God intended us to live and how to structure my life accordingly seemed to be the right direction. 

I remember talking to my mom one day, crying, tears rolling down my face, telling her I was so tired of trying to figure it out! So tired of always having to do more research, experiment with another product. But I also told her I wouldn’t give up, because what was the alternative? Stay miserable? Stay unhealthy? Let “it” win? Never! I’m a warrior.

I went to prayer and said “Lord, I understand if this is to be my trial, I’ll gladly go through it if this is what you need for me to experience. But if it’s not, then please show me a solution.” 

And He did.

Just a few days later, and in a way I knew it was Him directing me, I started learning about cellular health. We live and die at the cellular level, so if we have damaged cells, we are more susceptible to disease. And with the toxic assault, we are bombarded with daily we really don’t stand much of a chance. 

I was at a point where I wasn’t even sure I could continue working; the burden that would put on my husband was unbearable! But... by implementing these principles I went from barely getting through the day- barely functioning- to participating in life again. 

Other facts about me: I am married to a Japanese chef who I met just two weeks after moving from Texas to Hawaii 17 years ago. We lived in Japan for three years before returning to Hawaii. He has been my rock through this, willing to change the way he cooks to accommodate my new lifestyle. He saw how simple and natural my lifestyle was and has since adopted it for himself. 

We were never able to have children, which I blame on being undiagnosed for too long.  But we do love cats and have two, Fifi and Foxy, who bring so much entertainment to our lives. 

I am VERY close to my family, talking with my parents almost daily. I have two very loving and supportive brothers who have been with me every step of the way on this journey called life. 

The most significant event in my life was coming to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. This happened in October of 2010, and I have strived since to walk in His ways and live out my life in service to His Kingdom. 

My hobbies mostly revolve around learning about Jesus or learning about developments in the world of health and wellness. I have stopped being surprised at how often those two subjects intersect.