Autoimmune, Remission & Perseverance. Or...Why Protocols Matter

Well, tomorrows the day! I am moving from my beautiful island paradise of Kauai and heading to Japan. 

Yes, I am actually excited about it, but I do have some reservations. 

What are they you ask?

Well, you see, as an autoimmuner starts to figure out how to manage their disorder we develop parameters that we realize we have to live within. We find the optimal that works for our mitochondria, the activities that will raise our redox potential and then we stick to it! 

And, in a nutshell, a low redox is someone who's mitochondria isn’t making enough water, and therefore the Exclusions Zone is small. 

One of hose parameters include the foods we eat. As you are probably well aware of, autoimmuners have to have a restricted diet, this is because of the damage the poison glyphosate does to our tight junctions, this is what’s commonly known as a leaky gut. 

Yes, we’ve talked about this in the past (here and here), so I won’t go into detail on that now.

I know, finding clean foods is going to be the challenge. All those places I’ve recommended to find clean food options will not be available for me in Japan. All my trusted brands I like will no longer be a ‘proceed to checkout’ button away. 

Yea…in the big cities, like Tokyo or Kyoto, there would be a few health food stores, but not out in the boondocks where we will be living. My husband is there now, and he has scouted out only two health food stores. But one of the proprietresses was super helpful and said she would be willing to hunt down anything I might need. 

So that has calmed my nerves.

Why does this move make this autoimmuner so nervous?

Because when I step outside of my parameters, for too long, my health could take a nose dive. Yes, I am no longer a zombie, I am indeed thriving, you would never know that I battle my body daily. 

But the reason I am thriving is because I know what I have to do. I utilize God's protocol everyday, but urban life doesn't exactly make that easy... 

Japan is not that into organics, gluten-free, or grass-fed livestock, and seem to have an aversion to grass as everything is paved! However, they do know how to do seafood! And I will be moving just in time for oyster season!! 

Why am I excited about oysters? Because eating just 12 oysters is the nutritional equivalent of eating 5 pounds of grass-fed cow liver!  Oysters contain lots of DHA, selenium, Zinc, and other minerals that we autoimmuners seem to be deficient in.  Plus, this girl loves her some raw oysters!! So, my husband plans on having an order of oysters ready when I land so I can give my immune system an immediate, and delicious, boost. 

No, I’m not worried about the mercury levels in fish. Why? Because really, only those with a low redox potential have to worry about heavy metals. That is why I don’t detox before I redox. When our cells are healthy, we will naturally detox everything we can. We were designed that way! But when we are not giving our mitochondria what they need… well, that is when we start accumulating toxins, like heavy metals. 

So really, detoxing is such a waste of time and money, because you will just accumulate more toxins until you have healthy mitochondria! It’s like washing your hair before going mudding! :D

So an important thing for any autoimmuner to do is get a well crafted plan and stick to it. One that makes sense, one that works!

What works better than any protocol out there? God's!  

So elementary, but yet so vital!

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder. You can watch the '5 Steps To Reversing Autoimmune Disorders' here

We all are going through quite a health journey because of our autoimmunes, and we won’t always “get it right”. But we will get it, and I want you to know I’m here for you! I’ve been through it, and I’ve reached the other side. I am now living a revitalized life. I encourage you to join the Facebook group Autoimmune Survival to stay in the conversation. I am there for support and questions. I hope to see you there! 

It’s important to understand that implementing small changes, like this, into your life can bring significant improvements in your health, as every little step brings you that much closer to your health goals. I suffered from an autoimmune for years, but by implementing habits like this, I am able to participate in life again.

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Kelly Sato