Autoimmune Disease, Causes of Autoimmune, Triggers of Autoimmune. Or... What Your Doctors Aren't Telling You

She sat with her hands cradling her face as tears of frustration and hopelessness poured down her cheeks. She sat there for nine hours, not able to watch tv, read a book, or even talk on the phone. It was just too much stimulation!

And so another day went by with nothing getting done.

She thought “How, at such a young age, could my health be this bad?”

So many of you feel this way, and you are at the point where you know you have to do something DIFFERENT if you’re ever going to be “normal” again.

Autoimmune is the fastest growing health condition in the Western world…

Between 70 and 80 million people, in the US, affected by it(1), with 88-100 conditions diagnosed as an autoimmune. And here’s a staggering statistic: autoimmune disorders have more than tripled over the last 50 years.(2)

How can there be such a dramatic increase in such a short time span?

What is happening to our immune system? Why would it attack what it is supposed to be protecting?

The medical world tends to throw medications at everything, but meds just mask the symptoms…

God, however, intended symptoms to serve as a warning that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. So when we mask one symptom, the body will just present another, in its cry for help.

So… the cycle continues. And our health worsens.

Instead of trying to mute the immune system, shouldn’t we try to eliminate the need for it to be activated in the first place?

More than half of us have lost the capacity to detox properly(3). Without this function, there is no way for the toxins to leave our body. If they don’t leave the body, then they sit, fester, and accumulate. When they accumulate, the demand on our immune system increases, overloading it. When our immune system becomes overloaded, our antioxidant reserves are depleted -the very thing our bodies use to defend us from foreign invaders.

So why have we lost our ability to detox? 

Studies have shown that the reason people develop autoimmune disorders is based on two things: genetics and our environment. Genetics account for approximately 25%…something else we can blame on our parents. But a whopping 75% are environmental factors -these are things we can control!

As we are well aware, stress and diet contribute to every disease, but for autoimmune, there are three other triggers: toxins, allergens, and microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.)

So what exactly are these triggers and how do we reduce their negative impact on our immune system? 

Let’s briefly touch on each one:

1. Toxins: Eliminating environmental toxins from our environment is simple, but not easy. It takes understanding where those toxins are coming from (with some coming from surprising places). Examples include what we wash and dry our clothes with, what we brush our teeth with, what we apply to our skin, the quality of the air we breathe, even the water we’re drinking. But most importantly…how our food is grown or raised.

Action step: As you go through your day make a mental note, or if you like to make lists just so you can scratch items off, (like me) jot down the suspected toxins that are in your life. Once you have a list, you can start tackling each toxin one at a time. Now, don’t let this task overwhelm you; the first step is just to make a list, and then you can start scratching them off one by one until you have a less toxic environment.

2. Allergens: When it comes to allergens, most people think pollen. But it’s more than just that. It also includes foods that we can’t digest, are sensitive to, or foods that are highly inflammatory. Some of the usual suspects are gluten, soy, corn, and dairy. I will be explaining why these are so inflammatory (and why they are usually the first that need to be eliminated) in future articles, so go to and get on my email list.

Action step: Start paying attention to how you feel after you eat. Do you feel energetic or lethargic? Do you have a clear mind or are you foggy brained? Do you feel bloated? If you do have any negative reactions, I suggest starting a food journal, writing down everything you eat including how you feel after you eat it. Once you identify the reactive foods, you can eliminate them from your diet and immediately start feeling better.

Now I know how difficult extreme elimination diets can be…

I call it the anti-social diet as it will become frustrating when you want to go out to dinner, or over to a friend’s house because your choices may be limited. When I first started my elimination diet most restaurants had only a few menu items I could eat, but thankfully, most places today have a decent selection from which to choose.

I want you to understand this should only be temporary, and with the proper guidance and protocol you will be able to re-introduce many of your favorite foods back into your diet in no time. I have re-introduced all, except gluten, and now am much more social.

3. Microbes: Not every Microorganism is dangerous, but some can cause disease and infection in humans and other living things. Those with a functioning immune system can fight these microorganisms, protecting their bodies from infection. But, those with an autoimmune do not react the way they were designed to in combating these diseases. Since over 70% of our immune system comes from our digestive tract, it is important that we know what is going on in there. Though science says “most”, I believe everyone with an autoimmune has a leaky gut. Leaky gut is when the lining of the intestinal tract is compromised, this allows food particles and bacteria to slip through the cell junctions and enter directly into our blood stream…

Havoc ensues. 

Action step: Frequently wash your hands with soap- simple and easy. But you can also help your gut by eating “gut-friendly” foods like real sauerkraut and other fermented yummies. But, what will shock most of ya is that I don’t recommend probiotics, prebiotics, or digestive enzymes. Yep, that’s right, they are a waste of money!

I want you to know that there is hope, you CAN have a normal life again. I am living proof. I was that girl, in the story, at the beginning of this article, who sat for nine hours unable to do anything!

And I decided it was time to do something DIFFERENT…

So, I started researching my symptoms and switched from an MD to a Naturopathic doctor (ND). It was there I was able to get the proper blood tests and finally put a label on what was wrong: I had an autoimmune disease. Which one doesn’t matter.

Autoimmune disorders all have the same root cause

The symptoms just manifest themselves in different ways, in different people.

The result of my research is partly laid out in this article. I hope you will let me join you on your journey to health by allowing me to share what I have discovered, sparing you from years of trial and error, wasting time and money. Find out how at

I gave you the three main autoimmune triggers: toxins, allergens, and microbes; and three corresponding action steps to help diminish your symptoms. I hope this was helpful. If it was, please forward this on to at least one of the 70 million who suffer from an autoimmune.

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder.

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