Autoimmune Disease, Leaky Gut, and Gut Health. Or... "I've Got A Hole In My Gut!?"

Leaky Gut is all the rage right now. It’s the latest fad in health and wellness…

As someone who has suffered from an autoimmune, I used to latch onto every new idea that came along for the sole reason that I was desperate to know THE reason I got sick, armed with that understanding I could get well and start participating in life again.

So, when leaky gut came on the scene, I jumped on it to learn all I could, and decided that yes, indeed, I had a leaky gut!

Do you claim to have one too?

If you do…you’re probably right.

According to Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.PSc, 95% of Americans have leaky gut, and most just don’t know it.5 Steps To Reversing Autoimmune Disorders' here

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