Autoimmune, UV light, and Sunglasses… Or why my future’s so bright I Don’t wear shades. 

Y’all are going to start thinking I have an unhealthy admiration for the sun, as this is my second blog in a row regarding that big orange circle in the sky.

But someone asked me today why I don’t wear sunglasses, and since, after telling them, they didn’t immediately get out the white jacket with those extra long sleeves, I thought it might be safe to also tell y’all.

You see our brain’s ability to function is tied to light circuits, to be factual, 45-48% of its functionality is linked to light. With some functions needing a specific light frequency to be activated or in some cases deactivated. 

So if we are not getting enough natural light we are starving our brain of needed “nutrients”. 

Did you know we have two functioning visual systems? 

We do. 

One is for our vision, and the other is for detecting the brightness in our environment.

Why, does our body care about how much light is in our environment?

I am so glad you asked because this function is actually crucial for a lot of chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. 

There are over 100,000 biochemical layers (useless information), in our cells which need light to interact properly (important information).

There is a region of the brain called the hypothalamus (ugh, science words!) that controls lots of stuff like body temperature, hunger and thirst, blood pressure and it also controls the pituitary gland! 


Sunlight has a direct effect on hormone regulation and how many calories your body decides it needs to burn! So if we are taking in more calories than our body says it needs we create a circadian mismatch and gain weight… I know, crazy, right!? 

Sunshine has a say in our weight!! 

Who knew!?

Electrons in our mitochondria were designed to interact with energy produced from UV light consumption, and this consumption can come from the eye, skin, gut, and lung surface. This fascinating topic will be discussed further in future blogs!

But the function I want you to take notice of today is that this region of the brain also controls your circadian clock. Our body’s clock is regulated by the amount of sunshine and the temperature in our environment. 

Melatonin secretion is also correlated to the amount of sunshine you are exposed to during the day AND (so yeah…both) the lack of light exposure at night. The benefits of melatonin aren’t restricted to just a good night sleep - it helps to regenerate the mitochondria! 

“Wait, Kelly! So what your saying is that by correctly setting our circadian clock we will not only sleep better but improve our immune system?”

Yep, that’s what I’m saying!! (well, science really)

The state of your health begins and ends with the health of your mitochondria. Disease is not the main issue. All disease is, is the body’s red flag trying to direct your attention to the main issue - cellular dysfunction. 

Most of us know that an overload of free radicals is a bad thing. Free radicals are produced when there are too many protons and not enough electrons in the cell. 

But get this…

Sunlight programs electrons

How, you ask?

Light splits water making use of energy trapped by sunlight, which yields electrons!

Yes, that’s right. Getting more sunshine will help reduce the amount protons in a cell by programming. For. Electrons.! 


Holy Smokes Batman! 

This means we can reduce oxidative stress in our bodies thereby reducing inflammation by just walking outside! No need for expensive pharmaceuticals or supplements…JUST GO OUTSIDE!

Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. I just get super excited when I understand how simple God’s healing protocol is. But dude, have we complicated things!! 

Let’s get back to sunglasses, shall we?  

The spectrum of light that enters the eye contains information that impacts the ENTIRE body (yep, all of it). There are more than 1,500 different wavelengths that your eye needs to be nourished….

Yep, malillumination is a thing! Just as malnutrition is. 


Isn’t God’s design both crazy and fascinating!?

And this brings me to why I don’t wear sunglasses…


  1. restrict the amount of UV light needed for proper signaling with our mitochondria around the eye

  2. alter the ability of the eye to sense its environment

  3. block the UV light from entering our eyes and traveling to the hypothalamus.

  4. block UV light that is also needed by the eye to activate a chemical hormone which makes the skin thicken, called a sun callous. This callous protects the skin from harmful rays.

  5. increase the chance that your eyes will not be able to adjust to light. If you strain your eyes after being outside for a little bit, you have malillumination.

  6. speed up vision loss. (I know, right!?)

  7. force your eyes to perform their duty of perceiving and taking in data, through a tint, therefore over working them. (refer back to reason #6)

Do you see the ugly cycle we are on? We wear sunglasses which blocks our bodies ability to take in important data. Then we apply sunscreen - a KNOWN carcinogen to “protect” our skin. All of which creates oxidative stress producing more free radicals and inflammation. 

And us Autoimmuners don’t need more inflammation!

Ok, so, when light cannot flow properly, whether it is blocked via sunglasses or sunscreen, it cannot be absorbed by our cells for proper consumption of certain frequencies. 

UV light lowers adrenalin and other stress hormones, and therefore is linked to the vagus nerve. (Keep your antennas alert for all things vagus nerve, it is becoming the most popular girl at the dance as more and more is discovered about it.)

We have chosen to live in an artificial world, and then we are perplexed by all the health issues that are exploding around us. We have seen an amazing explosion of autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, chronic pain, eye degeneration and so, so, mush more! 

We live in a toxically blue-lit world! We are indoors most of the day, hiding behind windows that block UVB rays from hitting our skin and eyes. (read my blog on this here) Working/living under lights that are heavy on blue light frequencies, rarely going outside to receive the balancing, cell repairing, red light frequencies. 

We then block our eyes and skin when we do go outside never giving our bodies a chance at the healing process. God designed this world, and our bodies, to work together. 

Why then are we doing everything in our power to work against this design!? 

We have been brainwashed, ok maybe that’s too harsh of a word. Let’s go with misguided… We have been misguided into believing that when scientists discover something that they understand all the ins and outs of it. But that is false. Usually, with every new discovery, an entirely new can of worms are opened. 

And unfortunately when science discovers something they run with it before they fully know all they should. (Think GMO, pesticides, the low-fat craze, eggs are bad for us, wait now they are good for us, take this pill, wait now it’s recalled. You get the point.)

What I have come to understand is that life, and how God choreographed it, is complicated but how we can live and thrive in His world is quite simple. Pay attention to everything He provided and don’t deviate from there! Period. 

What did he provide? Well, let’s explore that for a moment… He provided sunshine, clean/pure water, plants and animals that haven’t been poisoned or genetically modified, fresh/clean air, and an electromagnetic field that, if nothing else, is a never ending supply of antioxidants! 

You’ll notice I didn’t mention drugs, supplements or treatments. When we stick to His design, we just don’t need them! 

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder.

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Trust me when I say, I know this is going to seem a little strange at first. But it’s important to understand that implementing small changes, like this, into your life can bring significant improvements in your health, as every little step brings you that much closer to your health goals. I suffered from an autoimmune for years, but by implementing habits like this into my life, I am able to participate in life again.

Join me to find out more of the things I did to go from Zombie to Zumba!

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