Autoimmune, Glyphosate, and Organic. Or...Why I Don't Eat Poison!

Wow! Look at you! It’s so good to see you here again.

I thought I might have run you off the last time with all my talk about not taking showers or not wearing sunglasses!

But here you are - that’s awesome! 

I’ve been super busy… you know how life is…

But I know you have heard all the hype about Glyphosate and have been wondering what, if anything, you need to know about it. 

So I wanted to get together with you for a quick chat about it… so you’ll be in the know! 

I’m not going to sugar-coat it… it’s bad!

First, let’s cover what it is and where it can be found. Then we’ll get into how, as an autoimmuner, it affects your mitochondria, and we’ll wrap up this chat with how to avoid it. 

Sound good? 

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round-Up. So basically it’s a poison. Keep that in mind as we go along here.

Glyphosate is sprayed on almost all GMO crops. Now, I’ll save a discussion on the affects GMO’s have on us autoimmuners for a later conversation. For now, we will just focus on the poison that is sprayed on them. 

In February of 2016, a group (so not a lone wolf; a whole bunch) of scientists published a statement trying to get our attention on the risks exposure to glyphosate has to our health. Namely that it is an endocrine disruptor (so it messes with our hormones)  

This statement followed the World Health Organization’s (WHO) classifying glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. The use of the term ‘probable’ is deliberate and not just another way of saying possible. 

So basically, the result of the research that is already out there, warrants the need for more research! Of which is slow in coming, as who is going to fund this research? The biochemical companies? Ha! The FDA? Haha! 

We need non-industry studies done from scientists with NO conflict of interest! That ain’t happening anytime soon!

Scientists have calculated that in the US alone, pesticide endocrine disruptors cause some 7,500 serious disability cases yearly and generate annual medical and lost work costs of about $45 billion!

That’s a bunch!

These cases include thyroid diseases, fatty liver diseases associated with diabetes, and neurodevelopment disease (IQ loss and hyperactive behavior).  

There is a long list of diseases associated with glyphosate, but in the end, we need to know that it disrupts cell-to-cell communication. Because, as you have heard me say a gazillion times, health begins or ends at the cellular level! 

When the cells can't communicate they end up not knowing what to do, or how to act. So when we have a cell that goes bad, the surrounding cells are supposed to tell it to self-destruct; if it doesn't do what it's told, then our immune system is called into action. The bad cell is then destroyed, and replaced with a healthy cell.

However, when there is a failure to communicate, cells don't know what to do so they stick around longer, like an unwelcome house guest. Just like that unwanted houseguest, this creates more work for your healthy cells because now there are less healthy guys to do the necessary work, and more work to do because of the trouble the bad guys are now causing. 

I want to switch gears a bit and talk about how Glyphosate affects our soil.

Why is that important, you ask? 

Well…to understand how it blocks communication between the mitochondria, we need to start at the beginning! 

Grab your shorts…

…it’s about to get crazy! 

In our soil, there are different families of compounds called alkaloids. (Why can’t they make science words easier!?) 

These alkaloids are made by a variety of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals and they have medicinal purposes including:
Vasodilator (dilates blood vessels) 
Anti-arrhythmic (prevents, inhibits or alleviates heartbeat irregularities)
Relief from pain (Hello!)
Anti-diabetic -(any blood sugar issues)
Mood stabilizers
and more!

Are you starting to understand the importance of these alkaloids? God provided everything we need if we’d just leave it alone!

Keep in mind, we humans, can’t make our own alkaloids, we HAVE to get them from the plants we eat. Those plants get them from the soil they are grown in…

Let’s start connecting all these dots, shall we?

When we spray our soil with glyphosate, it wipes out these alkaloids, whipping out the medicinal properties of our food supply.


Think about the ramifications of that!

Let’s bring this a little closer to home… 

Have you noticed the sudden increase in 

Lyme disease?

Well… what do you think happens when we kill off all the anti-parasitic properties of the food we eat? 

Lyme, that’s what!

What do you think happens when we kill off all the anti-diabetic properties of the food we eat?

Diabetes, that’s what!

What do you think happens when we kill off all the anti-cancer properties of the food we eat?

Cancer, that’s what!

This. is. huge.! 

And is something we really need to be paying attention to!

So why is glyphosate the bad guy here?

It blocks the enzyme pathway in a plant, basically making it impossible for the plant to take in these medicinal properties from the soil. 

If the plant can’t take them in, they aren’t there for you to take them in! 

Crazy, isn't it!?

Ok, changing gears here..

Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic…

Let’s take a look at that for a sec, shall we?

- There is 5 billion (yes, billion) pounds of glyphosate applied worldwide EVERY year; this number DOUBLES every 6 years! 

- Now, there are 7.7 million pounds of antibiotics prescribed yearly to Americans… #smh

- Since the 1960’s we started putting antibiotics in the feed that livestock eat. It is estimated that 1/3 of the weight of a cow is of antibiotics in some shape or form -  either by eating it or being prescribed it…

Why do they prescribe so many antibiotics to our livestock?

The answer to that, my friend, is sad…

You see, they started to administer it to them because they figured out by doing so it would induce stress.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? 


Ah, well you see, stress makes the cow gain weight

I see you’re nodding your head in understanding. It’s sick, isn’t it? 

And when we eat, nongrass-fed beef, we are eating meat from a cow who's immune system has been stressed out, for a number of months. Think toxic overload…

So we are bombarding our immune system with antibiotics from every avenue possible -  pills, meats, vegetables, and water!

In water, you ask? 

Glyphosate has been found in 75% of the rainfall and air samples, in a study done in the southern half of the United Sates.

It has also been found in every sector of the water cycle…

This means our ENTIRE ecosystem is contaminated with antibiotics!

This quote from Dr. Zach Bush is profound: “We are annihilating the ecosystem around us and annihilating the ecosystem within us.” 

One other aspect of glyphosate I want to address is how it affects the tight junctions in our gut. 

The other thing I have said a gazillion times is that if you have ANY health problems, you need to look at the gut first! 

So, how does glyphosate tie in here? 

Glyphosate triggers zonulin in the gut. Zonulin is what the body makes to open the “door” of the tight junctions in the digestive tract.

Zonulin is necessary for the proper absorption and transport of nutrients and is designed to be produced at the proper moments. However, when zonulin is constantly being produced the tight junctions are never tight!  (you can read more about leaky gut here

And that is how glyphosate produces a leaky gut. 

Now, keep in mind that we have tight junctions in other places than just our gut. They exist in our liver, blood stream, blood/brain barrier, and kidneys to name a few. 

Glyphosate is affecting ALL our tight junctions, not just the ones in our digestive tract.

And as a reminder, our kidneys’ were designed to detox the body. If their tight junctions are compromised, the body can’t detox. Then we make matters worse by continuously bringing in more and more toxins (through our lifestyle as well as our food) with no way to get rid of them. 

Phew, that was quite a lot to process, so I think that’s enough for now! :)

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder.

You can watch the '5 Steps To Reversing Autoimmune Disorders' here

Trust me when I say, I know this is going to seem a little difficult at first. But it’s important to understand that implementing small changes, like this, into your life can bring significant improvements in your health, as every little step brings you that much closer to your health goals. I suffered from an autoimmune for years, but by implementing habits like this into my life, I am able to participate in life again.

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