Autoimmune, Water, and Sun. Or...Why I Don't Drink Poison


You really want to talk about water?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, just a bit surprised as it is one of the most prevalently talked about subjects out there… except for maybe the Kardashians. 

I’m not sure how many dead horses we have to beat before people take heed to the importance of water, but instead of talking about how it detoxes and hydrates you, let’s talk about how it affects our mitochondria.

Haha, tru dat. This Mitochondriac never misses an opportunity to talk health at a cellular level, but I’m guessing that’s why you like to chat with me… :) 

Water, water, water… where to begin…

Water is plasma, just like the sun, lightning, stars, solar wind, etc. So why is this important? 

Because… it is a plasma that is activated by light.  So water is activated by light.

There are certain frequencies of light that make it a stronger or weaker plasma. So the type of light we are exposed to is super duper important to the quality (read strength) of the plasma. 

When light hits water, in our cells, it makes something called the exclusion zone. This zone is where the cells produce the energy we use, called ATP.  The larger the EZ, the faster the ATP can spin (kinda, but not really, like fidget spinners) the faster the ATP spins, the healthier we are. 

So what makes the EZ? Predominantly water and the red light frequencies we should be receiving from sunshine.

Good question! What does the exclusion zone exclude? 


Why are protons the super-villain?

Because when you have too many of them they cause free radicals. Something we autoimmuners must avoid as that leads to inflammation. 

So what does the proton do when it is excluded? Go on a vacay? Get on social media and tell all their friends how they were treated unfairly? Start a support group? 


They look for an electron to pair with. This is healthy. This is what is supposed to happen. 

How do we get more electrons, you ask?

Awesome question…

Sunlight. Yes, sunlight programs for electrons. We MUST get more sunlight!! 

But we are here to talk about water…

So now we know we need sunlight and water to make a wider exclusion zone. 

So will any ol’ water do? I’m sure you know the answer to that! :)

We need pure, clean water!

However, clean water can be hard to come by because most water supplies contain: Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, DDT, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals, dioxins, gasoline additives, and the list goes on and on. 

Fluoride weakens the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins to enter the brain’s circulation!


Fluoride also acts as a dielectric blocker - that means it allows less light energy to be used in the water networks.

Said a different way…

Water can be considered the battery of life, the sun’s photoelectric effect is what power’s that battery. The sun’s photons are used thermodynamically by cells by using water as its conductor and converter of energy. The power of the sun’s photons transmits their energy to the trapped electrons, photons and protons inside our cells to power it all. Fluoride prohibits this transmission of this energy.

Said a different way…

Fluoride causes a brown-out in our body. It prohibits our bodies from getting enough energy…

What about heavy metals?

Well, heavy metals disrupt the signaling in a cell because the metals have a different electronic signature. 

But honestly, I wouldn’t waste my time on detoxing heavy metals. 

Haha, love the look on your face! 

The reason is that they will just accumulate again so detoxing isn’t where you need to focus. You see, the metals accumulate because the cell doesn’t have the ability to detox.  Raising your redox potential should be where you concentrate before you do any detoxing

The quickest way to do that?

Get more sun, pure water, earthing, clean food, you know…the basics.

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder.

You can watch the '5 Steps To Reversing Autoimmune Disorders' here

But we will get into this in just a bit, we still need to put in our pocket protectors and pour into the “whys” of water.

Without hydration, the mitochondria will produce too many positive ion charges which lowers the PH level in your body. This decreases the electrical charges between the cells - in other words, it decreases the communication between the cells. 

So by not drinking water, you are making a choice to deprive your cells of the ability to communicate. 

Dehydration at the cellular level creates unpaired electrons in the molecule. - This is what oxidative stress is! Dehydration at the cellular level creates an imbalance between the production of free radicals and antioxidant defenses.

Our mitochondria also needs water to assimilate the deep power of sunlight. This leads us back to the importance of pure water. The water we drink needs to be without added poisons because clean water carries more oxygen which the cells need to carry out their different activities such as the removal of waste, carrying nutrients or transporting oxygen.

Now you know the two things I almost always talk about is getting more sun and reducing nnEMFs. And you probably thought, since we’re talking about water, I wouldn’t have a chance to bring up those two subjects. Well… I’ve already talked about sun and now we need to talk about how nnEMF’s affect the water in our cells. 

When you are exposed to too much nnEMF’s, like when holding your cell phone next to your head it creates a loss of energy, a loss of ATP. Your body will increase the blood flow to that area to help offset this loss of energy.

In short, nnEMF’s dehydrate the blood cells, so the body sends in reinforcements to compensate for the damage. Many studies (here, here, here, here, and here) have been conducted and show that cell phones open the blood-brain barrier and makes it leaky! And keep in mind, the amount of radiation tested was well below what the FCC deems safe.

"A sick body and brain will begin to crave water, and its thirst will increase, for a good reason. Illness means a lack of energy and water is the number one option for energy transfer in most living things."  - Dr. Jack Kruse

Good, pure water expands the area where energy transfers take place for cell functioning, improving blood flow and your redox potential. And just to reiterate, the bigger the zone, the better the energy transfer, the healthier we are. 

When cold, water carries more oxygen and electrons in to enlarge that transfer area. So drink your water pure and cold. :)

What health all boils down to is how protons and electrons interact with each other based on what we allow into our environment.

Is our environment conducive to how God designed us to live, or are we foolishly trying to better the design? 

Do you get more natural or artificial light?

Do you spend more time connected to the earth or the WiFi?

Do you drink more pure water or is it only the base for your drink?

Getting your health back and participating in life really is just that simple! 

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Trust me when I say, I know these changes are going to seem a little strange at first. But it’s important to understand that implementing small changes, like this, into your life can bring significant improvements in your health, as every little step brings you that much closer to your health goals. I suffered from an autoimmune for years, but by implementing habits like this into my life, I am able to participate in life again.

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