Autoimmune, Cells, And Our Environment. Or...How You Developed An Autoimmune.


Inflammation seems to be front and center, in the autoimmune world, and for some stinkin’ good reasons!

Inflammation is, of course, a healthy biological response to an injury and is what keeps us from continuing to re-injure the same spot over again until the body can do it’s thang and heal. 

However, autoimmuners get the added joy of having our immunes system so confused that it starts to attack itself. It starts to attack healthy cells and not just the damaged ones. 

But how did our immune systems get as confused as a healthy menu in a fast food joint? That my friend is an exciting path to wander down! 

Your immune system lies throughout your body. However, some 60% of the volume and some 80% of the work of the immune system is done in the lining of the gut.

This lining is only cellophane-thin and is there to protect us from the outside world, made up of trillion of cells that include tight junctions that form velcro-like proteins that hold one cell to the next to produce a coherent carpet-like structure. 

But it is the bacteria and fungi, which make up our microbiome, which support this protein structure through their network of communication. We need our microbiome to be able to communicate, and because the majority of us autoimmuners have a leaky gut, that communication is just not happening. 

I have talked pretty extensively about how GMO’s and Glyphosate affect our immune system, so I won’t rehash those subjects here. But we do need to discuss what is happening at the cellular level when this communication system goes down. 

And this my friend is absolutely fascinating!! 

So you remember our talk about tight junctions and how they fuel our bodies with oxygen & nutrients by opening and closing at the proper times, and how Glyphosate has damaged that ability by triggering the production of Zonulin at inappropriate times? If not, go here to refresh your memory on that.

Well now I want to talk with you about Gap Junctions, not The Gap, even though they have cool clothes, that’s a subject for a different blogger. And if you saw my “wardrobe,” you would understand why. ;D

Time to get our geek on!

Gap junctions are clusters of fiberoptic-like cables that run from one cell to the next that sends electrons and electrical currents throughout the body! These microscopic structures are perfectly formed tubes that run from one cell cytoplasm to the next, and they each have a perfect lens aperture at the end of these cables.

Did you just get goosebumps!? I sure did! 

Stop for a sec and think about what that means. 

It’s amazing to think of how we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Down to such details that I can’t reasonably believe happened by chance! Every aspect accounted for. Did you know science had labeled so much as Junk DNA, but have since discovered the treasure trove of information and “has produced a stunning inventory of previously hidden switches, signals and signposts embedded like runes throughout the entire length of human DNA.”  

That’s right, a treasure trove… not junk! 

But I want you to pay attention to that. You see, before, Scientism published and taught and professed all about junk DNA, until… well until they discovered they were wrong. Keep that in mind because that continues to happen. So we have to be careful when science is demonizing others for what they have found because science has been wrong on soooo many things in the past, so to elevate them to the status of deity and all-knowing is well, detrimental to our health. 

But there I go again getting sidetracked! Let’s get back to gap junctions, shall we?

Grab your shorts it’s about to get crazy!

When a cell is damaged, and that fiber-optic network severed, the cell becomes isolated. It can’t send or receive vital intel, and it believes it is the only one left in the world. It loses self-identity. 

Yes, your damaged cell is having an existential crisis!

After the communication lines are severed in a cell, it can't mobilize the repair process. It believes it has become so isolated and is the only thing left alive. So, it does what anyone in that situation would do, it starts to multiply like crazy! You know, that whole self-preservation instinct thing kicks in… that instinct is at a cellular level! #goosebumps

Apoptosis (big science word that just means the death of cells which occurs as a regular and controlled part of an organism's growth or development.) happens when a damaged cell is still connected to the network and its neighbors instruct it to self-destruct so it can be replaced with a heath new cell. 

So, what does this have to do with autoimmuners? 

Apoptosis isn’t happening, and our cells are having an existential crisis. 

We can look at the events that led to our autoimmunes like a stack of dominoes. 

The first domino to fall was the toxins in our environment.

The second domino to fall was the compromisation of our cellophane layer causing a leaky gut and other leaky tight junctions - the body can no longer protect nor detox properly.

The third to drop is the inflammation that persists like a stalker you can’t seem to shake… then, poof, you wake up married to him, establishing a chronic situation. 

Next, in our preverbal stack of dominoes, is when our mitochondrial potential plummets, this is a low redox environment and is when our immune system is finally overloaded and starts to attack healthy cells.

The inability to hydrate the inside of the cell is our final domino to drop. This is where ATP is made and is where we get 95% of the energy we use. If you are blinking or running a marathon, you are using ATP. Water forms the area, called the exclusion zone, that ATP is made on. You can read all about that here


So THAT is autoimmune in a nutshell! 

And that is why I always say that it doesn’t matter which autoimmune disorder you have, every autoimmune went through the same stack of dominoes. 

So what is the bottom line for us autoimmuners?

Well, we need to start looking at every choice we make through the barometer of how we were designed to function optimally. 

Follow God’s protocol, and you won’t be let down. 

What is God’s protocol? 

We have crated a training video that will help you to understand how to reverse your autoimmune disorder. You can watch the '5 Steps To Reversing Autoimmune Disorders' here

We are all going through quite a health journey because of our autoimmunes, and we won’t always “get it right.” But we will get it, and I want you to know I’m here for you! I’ve been through it, and I’ve reached the other side. I am now living a revitalized life. I encourage you to join the Facebook group Autoimmune Survival to stay in the conversation. I am there for support, questions, and to get you participating in life again! 

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